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12 Tips to Shine

You can easily avert several bloppers and  make your application stand out by keeping these little but highly effective points in mind:


1) Organize everything
Prepare set of documents in ascending or descending order, so that the availability of any document is easily verifiable. Make a separate folder for each college you have applied for.

2) Keep Photocopies
For future reference, keep photocopies of full application form with you.

3) Follow directions.
PLEASE adhere to the rules of the university, in case you are unable to fulfill one or two criteria. Don’t assume and continue. Have a word with the admission officer about it. For application remember the golden rule – “Whenever in dilemma don’t do it”


4) Review your essays
Thoroughly review the essays and it’s always better to take second opinion before you submit your essays. Ask your faculties, peers to review them. The essay you submit should be free from major grammatical glitches and should not be flowery.

5) Don’t underestimate AWA
Your AWA score is a discriminating factor in Ivy League colleges, so don’t underestimate its importance.

6) Don’t overdo your essays
Your writing skills should be commensurate with your AWA score. Large discrepancies are not favorable.


7) Recruit enthusiastic recommenders.
LOR is one very important document to judge with. If a teacher seems lukewarm about writing a letter, then find one who will sing your praises with gusto but with caution.

8) Extracurricular: Don’t overdo it.
It always good to show your contributions in extracurricular activities but don’t overdo it, it might force the admission officer to think negative about you.

9) Don’t use jargon.
I topped in my SSDC exams, I love LLDC please don’t use short form as far as possible or atleast provide the full form and then use the short form in the paragraph. The admission officer reviewing your application may not be having specific knowledge of the subject you are talking about.


10) Know your Program.
In an interview or essay, say something specific about the program or school you opted for. Highlight some of the point you liked the most. You could also mention a noted professor who teaches a subject you’re interested in, internship opportunities at a neighbouring medical center, and a lot more.

11) Keep it clean.
Don’t use derogatory, racist and profane remarks for any one . They are very bad for your profile.

12) Own up your negatives too.
Don’t lie about your negatives, if asked. Take the onus for the wrong deeds you have done, this will only present you as a responsible and better person.

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