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Right time for GRE

So you have finally decided to take the plunge but find yourself perplexed

What’s the apt time to take the GRE ?

Whether I would be late for application if I fail take the GRE by September ?

What if the score obtained is not satisfactory and I need to take the GRE again?

Chill, under this article we will try to demystify all of these areas and we hope by the end of this article you would be in a pretty better condition to take an informed decision.

Two Intakes

Unlike India, US, UK and almost every other education hubs have two admissions intakes, namely-

Fall ( September session)

Spring ( January session)

So before you decide on your GRE date, first check with the college of your interest

about the program intakes.

In my view, a student should prefer Fall intake over Spring intake as the fall session offers

Higher no. of intakes. (Better chances of acceptance)
More scholarships on offer
Most Ivy League colleges have only fall intake
Better Intern-ship chances etc.

These points are based on our general experience and interaction with thousands of students and one is always welcome to differ.

If you intend to apply for the Fall intake, you should secure your GRE score latest by the first week of September, as the deadlines of most of the colleges would be approaching fast by that date.


First week of Nov – Few top colleges
First week of Dec – Most ivy leagues and top colleges

Last week Dec – All remaining colleges
After Dec – Very few options

In sum you should be through with your GRE before October first week.

In case you are not confident about your score, please take the GRE bit earlier. This will give you the leeway to take the GRE again in case of bad score. But, remember you can retake the GRE only once in 60 days. So, plan wisely.

In case you have any doubts, you can reach us directly at, we will try to resolve your queries ASAP.

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