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Australia is the fastest growing Study hub of the world. Each year Australia welcomes more than 15,00,000 International students into its vast array of Graduate & Under-Graduate Programs. Australia currently has the third largest number of international student enrolments after the USA and UK. However, the cost of tuition fees and living expenses are substantially lower when compared to those of USA and UK . Lower fees coupled with high education standards are drawing more and more students to Australia each year.

Australia has much on its platter for an International student :


Excellent education system
The Australian approach to vocational and technical education is considered to be one of the best and most innovative in the world. Australian universities enjoys an unparalleled reputation for excellence in all most all areas of education and training. Students are delivered practical and career-orientated training so that the student is always in demand by the employers. By greatly increasing the skill of workers ,the quality of Australian education system has played an important role in Australia’s economic performance.


Affordable Tuition
Australia offers significantly lower annual tuition fees than US and UK for many popular courses at universities and colleges. Graduate course fees on average range from AU$11,000 to AU$18,500 per year and average living costs hover around AU$12,000, which are significantly lower than other countries. This does not indicate that lower cost courses translate into lower quality outcomes. On the contrary, Australian schools and universities have an international reputation for equipping, students with skills and qualifications that are recognised around the world.


Global acceptance
Australian qualifications are recognized by employers and leading educational institutions across the world. Most Importantly, all-most all the courses and trainings undertaken by International students in Australia are covered by Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), thus ensuring un-compromised study quality.


Study & Earn
Students in Australia are allowed to work part time (20 hrs/ week) while studying and full time (40 hrs/ week) in vacations. Post study students students are offered of a work visa of 1 year if your program duration is 1 year and students completing their 2 years of study will be offered a work visa of 2 years.


Relaxed Visa and PR Requirements
Australian Immigration is one of the simplest immigration systems in comparison with other countries. It allows a person to live and work anywhere in Australia, and confers upon that person a Permanent Resident status. Post Study completion, students would be offered a work visa of upto 2 years. Afterwards the students can apply for their Permanent Residency, if they wish to settle down.

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