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We have created a small book through which you can learn some of the most difficult word, click on the image and see for yourself……………………



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These vocabulary intensive exams are a pain for any aspirant, but not any more.
Prepare the smart way with our unique Audio-visual technique of vocabulary acquisition and SCORE HIGH !

Pioneered by Mr Mahavir Jain ( Limca book record holder for memorizing entire oxford dictionary), the MJA Method is a revolutionary technique to acquire an excellent vocabulary in a surprisingly short time with little or no possibility of forgetting the words you learn. A paradigm-shift in the approach to vocabulary-acquisition, the MJA technique is highly scientific and innovative. It is highly effective because it makes you realize and harness the incredible power of your brain. Learn how you can learn much faster by engaging all of your five senses.

This technique basically works by creating mnemonics for each word. The mnemonics thus formed acts as link words and through these link words we create Link sentences. These link sentences acts as a bridge between the word and the meaning of the word. Thus with the help of a link sentence we can recall the precise meaning of any word, any time effortlessly. It’s amazing how easily you can remember the most difficult words. We can call this collection of words by the name of GRE Vocab or GRE vocabulary or CAT vocabulary or vocabulary for all competitive exams.

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